Miniature Agate:

 Sufigates mine is the largest one in the World and has the most variety, pattern and color.

  • There are agate rough stones of 5 MTS and over; All masterpieces of the nature.
  • The 50 MTS Rough Agate stone is the largest in the world.
  • Rainbow arts are manifested in the agates; elegant red, orange colors are dominant.

There are some masterpieces of nature as beautiful miniature agates .

There are some special properties in Sufigates Miniature Agates which you couldn’t find in other world’s agates. Large to ultra-large dimensions with high sunlight and heat resistance are some physical characteristics of these agates. Also, some special healing properties are found in these magical stones.

Agate is defined as a warmness stone which tends to heal for rheumatism and arthritis. Even in lower temperatures, it doesn’t make cold feet.

Energy and color of miniature agate vibration appears as a beautiful bright green and mission to 30 cm which could be visible by specific tools or by seeing auras.

In Stone massage therapy, applying hot red miniature agate stones in one of the best ones for increasing circulation and relaxing muscles.

Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow in miniature agates, strengthening physical, emotional and mental body which belongs to three lower chakras. Green agate relays and stabilizes divine feelings and cognitions as belongs to fourth chakra. Cold colors of miniature agate strengthening soul power and brings relaxation.

Despite marble and granite stones which are cold stones and result in some diseases.

Traditional medicine is a holistic medicine that has been based on individual differences, the determinant basic concept named mizaj (temperament), a set of physical and mental characteristics defined by examining one’s symptoms and signs in the past and the present. According to Iranian traditional medicine, everybody has a definite mizaj which is determinant to construct all physical or mental characteristics. Generally, mizaj represents the excess or lack of warmness and humidity in one’s body and is classified into four categories – also called four qualities – of?warmness, coldness, dryness, and wetness

Stone massage therapy


Color spectrum:

  • Multicolor by the color mixture:
  • Type of moss agate
  • A mixture of warm colors (Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown)
  • In some areas Violet, Blue, Ice white is engraved in the heart of crystals
  • Indefinitely has the extreme color diversity.
Color spectrum


There are autumn forest color spectrum so-called autumn agate.

From the design viewpoint is known as miniature agate in the opened flace and owning the exploitation license